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:: Amores Pasados

Anna Maria Friman voice & Hardanger fiddle
John Potter voice
Ariel Abramovich & Jacob Heringman lutes


Amores Pasados was released by ECM in 2015 and reached the top of the Amazon classical song chart; there is a selection of press reviews here. Uniquely, this ensemble performs lute songs by rock musicians alongside 17th century originals and transcriptions of songs by English composers of the early 20th century. Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones has set three Spanish poems, Genesis keyboardist Tony Banks has set poems by Campion, and Sting contributed a song on the death of Robin Hood. The group also performs music by Warlock, Moeran, Finzi and others arranged for voices and two lutes, as well as the only known work by the elusive Mr Picforth.


The musicians first came together to record Secret History, an album of sacred music by Josquin and Victoria, whose motets and masses sit beside each other in the 17th century Paston manuscript. The live debut of this programme was in Avila, Victoria's birthplace, in 2014. ECM will release the recording in the autumn. Future plans include further explorations of the early 20th century English song repertoire and more commissions from rock musicians.

You can hear a short sample of John Paul Jones 'Al son de los arroyuelos' here. The opening ident music on this site is from 'Oh fair enough are sky and plain' by E J Moeran.

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Manfred Eicher shining a light on the Amores Pasados quartet.

There are more details about the genesis of the project here.

photos Maria Silvera & CF Wesenberg (bottom)