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:: Programmes for 2014-15

John Potter


These are my current collaborative programmes - each has a dedicated page on this site. For further details please get in touch with me directly or with Robert White Artist Management via the Contacts page.


The Dowland Project is performing music from the 'Night Sessions' album as well as its previous three CDs. The band is currently experimenting with Schubert.



Lute songs with Ariel Abramovich and others: programmes are available with between one and two lutes and vihuelas. These are very flexible, and range from John Potter and Ariel Abramovich lute/vihuela to an expanded ensemble with Anna Maria Friman soprano and Jacob Heringman lute/vihuela.. This larger ensemble has recently recorded music by Josquin and Victoria for ECM and will make its live debut in Avila in August 2014. In November this ensemble will record 'Amores Pasados', featuring new music by Genesis keyboard player Tony Banks, Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones and Sting, putting these contemporary songwriters alongside Dowland and Campion. John Potter will continue to develop the 15th/16th century 'intabulation' repertoire accompanied by Jacob Heringman and Ariel Abramovich, with whom he also performs a variety of English and Italian lute song programmes.


The Conductus Project



The 3rd Hyperion Conductus CD will be released in the autumn and from 2015 this will be a '3 Medieval Tenors' project, as John Potter and Rogers Covey-Crump resume their post- Hilliard Ensemble partnership together with Christopher O'Gorman. Focusing initially on the 12th century Conductus repertoire, the group plans eventually to explore a wider repertoire from anon to Machaut.

photos: Paul Arthur