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Another leap in the dark

This is a bit of an experiment – I’ve added WordPress so that I can update the News page but also make it into a blog (largely inspired by my son Ned ). Not quite sure how this will work yet, and it may not even have come out on the right page, but if you fancy helping me out do leave a comment. At the moment I’m just intending to update it more frequently and less formally, but I hope to introduce more polemical stuff from time to time, especially once I leave the day job.

In the meantime I can’t resist raising a cheer for Nicholas Kenyon, who confirmed on the Today programme (Radio 4, Feb 27th) that the historical concept of ‘the composer’s intention’ was dead – very late 20th century, a time when we had very little confidence in our own taste… Say it loud Sir Nick!  – One day academia might listen…

Veljo Tormis in York

Wonderful Tormis concert on the National Day of Estonia – it was fantastic to have the composer here. It was my last concert in the Department and The 24 sang their socks off. Lots of great audience feedback – some thought it the best thing they’d ever heard in the Lyons. If you’re quick you can catch my In Tune ramblings on BBC iPlayer (complete with dodgy moment when Sean Rafferty  asked me to talk about a piece that I was pretty sure he wasn’t about to play).


Being Dufay shot to No 1 (from 93!) on the Amazon ECM chart within a few hours of my emerging from the British Broadcasting Cupboard at Radio York. The power of radio…

Sound and Fury: Caron CD of the Year

Todd McComb has written perceptively about early music recordings for many years. He’s chosen our Caron recording as his CD of the year http://www.medieval.org/music/early/09.html

The first Obrecht album was a runner up, as several of our albums have been in previous years. We will next meet in July (at Kloster Mauerbach again) .

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