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A History of Singing: print and performance synergies

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It’s out at last. A big thankyou to Neil Sorrell for joining me in our impossible task, to all at CUP who were so patient, to Liz Haddon who bravely read all of it in manuscript, and to family and friends who put up with the inevitable authorial absences for far too long.

The CUP site has a description of the contents etc, and there’s a page here which links aspects of the book to some of my recordings via a Prezi presentation (mostly YouTube clips). The book doesn’t have a discography. The reason for this is that we’re in a transitional phase where print books haven’t yet found a generally accepted way to deal with internet info that is continually updating itself (barcode scanners for urls?). Recordings are constantly appearing on new labels or in new formats as the age of the physical product nears its end, and it’s much easier to Google titles or works rather than copy URLs from a book. Of course, there’s lots of discographical information in the Sources and Reference chapter but it didn’t seem the place to refer to recordings or projects of my own even where these may have a direct bearing on topics in the book, so I’ve put them into the Prezi on this site instead. For me, writing, performing and recording are really just different manifestations of the same process, so I hope this makes sense.  And thanks to Ned for help with getting the Prezi together;  his are far more sophisticated than mine (and his own book is due from Facet later this year).

More of my stuff from CUP this year:

A couple of related chapters in new Cambridge Histories will also appear during the year:

‘Vocal performance in the long eigtheenth century’ The Cambridge History of Musical Performance     just out!

‘Issues in the modern performanceof medieval music’ The Cambridge History of Medieval Music         due but no date yet

and I can also be heard on the extraordinary Dufay Collective CD that accompanies Christopher Marsh’s Music and Society in Early Modern England

Other publications due this year include

‘Almost as good as Presley: Caruso as pop idol’  Public Domain Review

Review of Elisabeth Belgrano’s ‘Lasciatemi morire’ o ‘faro la finta pazza’    Svensk  tidskrift för musikforskning

‘Beggar at the door: the rise and fall of portamento in singing’  reprinted in Classical and Romantic Music ed David Milsom (Ashgate 2011)

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