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Diary updates


March 23  RNCM seminar, Manchester

This is the second of two for RNCM postgrads, and it will focus on Daniel Leech-Wilkinson’s ebook The Changing Sound of Music: Approaches to Studying Recorded Musical Performances

March 25  BBC Play Schubert for me

The original invitation for this was for the Dowland Project but getting the band together from four countries for one song wasn’t feasible, so Jacob Heringman and I are going to busk a ‘remix’  of ‘Pause’ from Die schöne Müllerin. It’ll be an interesting challenge, and if it works we may do extended versions in the DP gigs this summer in Slovakia (Bratislava, June 4; Kosice June 5) and Slovenia (Radovljica August 19). We were asked to do it live at 11.00, but that’s way past our bedtime so we’re recording it earlier in the day.

I’ve given up expecting ECM to tell us a release date for the DP Night Sessions. We’ve done three CDs in thirteen years so we’re used to waiting. But the new album is our most radical and innovative yet, so it should be well worth waiting for.

April 14 BBC Music Matters (interview with Neil Sorrell)


This will be an interview with Suzy Klein in London and us down the line in BBC Radio York, discussing issues in A History of Singing. It’s always a bit odd with two of you in a booth not talking to each other but to someone else who isn’t there, but we hope it will be entertaining (and possibly even informative). Neil and I are currently writing a blog post for CUP New York to coincide with the American publication next month.

April 26 Leipzig A Cappella Festival (Being Dufay)

Really looking forward to this one, and to catching up with old Leipzig friends. It’s been a while since we’ve done Being Dufay. This is a great festival, run by one of the legendary German a cappella ensembles Amarcord, whom I coached at a Hilliard Summer School in Cambridge many years ago.

April 27-8 Sibelius Academy (examining, coaching, seminars)

The Sibelius Academy in Helsinki has one of the most creative performance doctoral programmes in the world, and I’m delighted to be joining a team of examiners. I’ll also be doing a day of seminars and consultations on a range of subjects and  a day’s ensemble coaching. This is the first of three annual visits.

May 1 Vale of Glamorgan Festival (Gavin Bryars Ensemble)

This will be the first time Anna Maria Friman and I have performed together for some time. The programe will include two new Laude. The band will be touring the Baltic states in the autumn, doing Jesus Blood in a slimmed down version which will include Anna  playing the violin and I’ll get to play keyboards. You have been warned…

May 27 Melk Abbey: Vesper Colomani

This is part of the Barocktage Stift Melk. The programme is called Vesper Colomani and if I’ve understood it correctly will be me and and an actor alternating readings and chant connected with St Koloman, sometime spy, pilgrim and sad victim of mistaken identity whose much-travelled bones have rested at Melk for several hundred years.

In  June I’ll be in Slovakia with the Dowland Project, and have workshops in Germany and the UK as well as recordings in Austria with the Sound & the Fury. July will see the launch of the Hyperion Conductus Project at the York Early Music Festival. Details soon.

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