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July update

The Dowland Project

While surfing the Times of Inda site recently (as you do) I came across this bit of video from our Prague concert last year. There’s also some footage of our recent Bratislava gig here with an interview (in Slovak) with Milos Valent.

I’ve replaced the photos on the DP page with some more recent ones from Milan,  Prague and Bratislava. The latest hint from ECM is that the ‘Night Sessions’ album will appear early in 2013.  It’s still difficult to get the band together for one-off dates as we’re all so busy, but if we get wind of an actual release date we’ll try to put a short tour together.

Conductus Project

The first live outing of the Conductus music went very well at All Saints Harewood (very efficiently managed by the York Early Music Festival crew). There turned out to be enough light with just candles and tiny lamps on our folders (I only had to use my phone for the first piece) and it was great to put the music to the test in an actual concert. People seemed to appreciate the film (there were gasps when at one point a horse seemed about to bite Chris O’Gorman’s head off).  Now that we’ve proved the concept we will certainly work on more gigs, though probably next year when we’ve got the next tranch of material recorded. The first CD is officially released in September, but there are full details (including the liner notes) on the Hyperion site here.

History of Singing

I’ve taken down the History of Singing page and its Prezi, partly because of problems with video but also because I feel uncomfortable promoting a book with such a high cover price. As Jeremy Nicholas put it, in his very perceptive review  in the June issue of Gramophone, the price would make even Patti’s water. One of the original stimuli for the book was a course I taught at York called ‘Sources for Singers’ (having discovered that student singers knew very little about vocal history and weren’t being taught it by their singing teachers). The substantial reference section in the book is really for the benefit of students – they can knit their own history from it or track down all our sources –  but no student is going to buy it at £75.

Tenor: History of a Voice

I really am in the process of setting up a link between the update of the Biographical List and the pdf on the Yale site. The update itself is ready to go (and will be run from my site so I can update and correct if necessary). It will go live very shortly, once it has been properly linked to the original. In practice I don’t think I’m going to be able to find time for another comprehensive update (the current one is already out of date), though I would consider a revised and expanded print edition linked to a dedicated website (as my son Ned has done with his new book on marketing libraries).


Future Musical Box?

Next year’s concerts will include recitals with Jan Walters when she’s over here in the summer. YouTube has some slightly hysterical videos of songs from our Braunschweig concert, including El tens d’iver and Ich setze minen vuoz. Ariel Abramovich and I are contemplating a lute-song anthology programme that will include some of our favourite Genesis songs. Led Zep bassist John Paul Jones has also promised us a song, so watch this space.


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