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Responsio wins in Nova Scotia

Very excited to hear Peter Togni’s extrapolation on the Machaut Mass Responsio has won the Nova Scotia Masterworks Award.  He wrote it for Jeff Reilly’s bass clarinet plus a quartet of voices (Suzie LeBlanc, Andrea Ludwig, Charles Daniels and me). I love composers working with other composers’ music – something that medieval composers did all the time.  It’s been great to be involved with both Responsio and Ambrose Field’s Being Dufay. Both composers got inside the heads of their illustrious predecessors and came out refreshed and inspired.  I had a great time in Canada last summer doing the first performances of Responsio. The recording we made will be released next autumn on Naxos, and we’ll be touring Canada and the US in April 2016. I hope we  might also be be able to do it here in Europe too. We need a festival that takes composers working with dead forebears as its theme!

Here’s a bit of Togni’s Agnus Dei with Jeff Reilly in full flow:


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