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3 Medieval Tenors in Bratislava

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We had a fabulous time in Bratislava. For most people in our audiences this is medieval music as never heard before, and we’re never quite sure how they will react. We needn’t have worried – there must have been 50 people at our introductory talk at the Conservatory in the morning (many thanks to Andrej Šuba, for incredible instant translating), and the cathedral was packed with attentive listeners for the concert. They even wanted more.


This was our first programme to feature music from all three Conductus albums, and some of it is very weird indeed. We had lots of great feedback, several listeners describing it as hypnotic and moving – extraordinary really when you consider that the language is almost impenetrable so all you have to go on are the hybrid rhetorical/musical shapes rather than literal meaning. It’s a huge challenge for us – we’ve come a long way since our first tentative experiments and learn a lot with each successive performance. Thanks to Jozef Luptak for a grand time (and to the Austria Trend Hotel for the Nespresso machine in every room).

The first tranch of Conductus dates is pretty well sorted:

May 21 Beverley Early Music Festival (lunchtime concert)
June 10 Durham Arts Festival
July 6 Brussels (MedRen Conference)
August 13 Radovljica Festival (Slovenia)
September 11 Nieder Olm Festival (Germany)
September 19 Brighton Early Music Festival

We’ve changed the programme slightly for Beverley, and there will be at least one first performance (first performance in 800 years, that is).

These are all subsidised by the AHRC and each has an open (free) introductory workshop attached to it, so come and join us. We’re also negotiating for concerts in Cambridge, Besalu and Germany in 2016. The latest news on the 3rd album is that it will be released in August.


If you want a flavour of the music (and if you speak Slovak) there’s a bit of film here…. Koncert tenoristov Johna Pottera, Christophera O’Gormana a Rogersa Coveyho-Crumpa bol fascinujúcim návratom do veku katedrál v 13. storočí. There’s also our interview (in English…) with Slovak radio here (thanks Joanna!). You’ll find us at about 5.52.

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