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Amores Pasados updates

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Amores Pasados – dates so far

Dates are coming in at quite a rate for the Amores Pasados quartet (Anna Maria Friman, Ariel Abramovich, Jacob Heringman and me). ECM are on track for a June release and we will launch the album at the Festival Música Antigua Aranjuez on June 13. We’ll be in Santiago de Compostela on July 2nd for the Festival Via Stellae and on September 5th we’re in Estella for the 46 Semana de Música Antigua de Estella and in Gliwice (Poland) on September 20. We’ll be touring Germany in the first half of November, and travelling to the Triskell Arts Centre in Cork on November 27. The main feature of the programme is the new music by Sting and Tony Banks and the new arrangements of John Paul Jones’ Amores Pasados which will be receiving their first performances. The live programme will consist of all the music from album plus new transcriptions of 20th century English songs for voice and two lutes by Warlock, Dunhill, C W Orr, Quilter and Vaughan Williams. There will of course also be some Dowland and a couple of insane lute duets.

We’re very excited about this – it’s ground-breaking stuff – and we’re bringing new music on stream all the time (both lutesongs by rock musicians and transcriptions of early 20th century English songs – two brand new repertoires for voices and lutes).

Ariel Abramovich and I will also be doing the Sting and Tony Banks songs in Havana on October 10th at Leo Brouwer’s Festival of the Human Voice.




University of Gothenburg conference

In the meantime I’m off to Gothenburg for a very unusual conference. It brings together a number of specialist performers and academics to debate the future of performance in higher education. Its full title is ORNAMENTING (force) an ECOLOGY of TRUST (form): Exploring Force and Form through Performance /Performativity and it’s organised by the Swedish polymath performer Elisabeth Belgrano (whose presentation at the  NEMA conference in York caused quite a stir). If you’re in Gothenburg this week come and hear/see/experience some challenging events:

The aim of this entangled encounter (an alternative way of meeting) is to turning the forces and forms of academic traditions slightly upside-­‐down/inside-­‐out, somehow mirroring ‘the uneasiness’ sensed around us in our global society. Our common task will be to create an environment where boundaries between subjects and objects at first remain undefined and uncertain in order to intra-­‐actively articulating new knowledge while ORNAMENTING (force) an ECOLOGY of TRUST (form).

Trollhättan Early Music Days

Coincidentally, I’m in Sweden a couple of weeks later for the Trollhättans tidig musik dagar, singing a concert of music for St Brigit of Sweden with Anna Maria Friman and Daniel Stighäll.

 3 Medieval Tenors

Then it’s the start of the Conductus season at the Beverley Early Music Festival. More on this and the complete list of upcoming gigs through to 2016 in a bit.



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