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Amores Pasados in Blaibach


rehearsing in the Konzerthaus

It was great to kick off the new season at the Kulturwald festival in Blaibach – our first appearance in Germany – and to play in a hall voted by acousticians as one of the top 10 in the world. It was perfect for us – we could get the balance between voices and lutes absolutely spot on. A big thankyou to Thomas Bauer and his very efficient team, and thanks to Klaus Wenk for this picture from the concert:


The programme was our now usual mix of Jacob Heringman’s versions of English song (we’re big on Warlock and Moeran at the moment) with the new music by Sting, Tony Banks and John Paul Jones. We’re back in Germany next month for the world music festival in Murnau and Enjoy Jazz in Heidelberg  and in the spirit of early music we’ll be performing at least one piece that hasn’t see the light of day since way back in the last century (and not quite as the composer intended).

No news yet, sadly, of the release of Secret History or a possible new recording.

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