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Alternative History in November


Alternative History

Our final concerts of the year are in Sweden, Spain and Portugal. On 14 November we’ll be at the AHA! Augmented Reality Festival in Gothenburg. This will be an Amores Pasados programme which we’ll decide on as we go along. Our way of doing things is a very good fit with the agenda of the festival (which also includes an especially bizarre event by Stefan Östersjö, Bill Brooks and Jez Wells that Bill and Jez presented at York last year). We then meet in Seville to rehearse for Idanha-a-Nova (Portugal) on the 22nd and Cadiz the following day. The latter is in the Casa Pinillos and is part of the Cadiz de Falla celebrations. Once again we’re able to bring our particular take on historical reality, this time by interpreting some of de Falla’s arrangements of Cristobal de Morales.  The three of us too selfish to avoid flying get a few days at home between Sweden and Spain; for eco-traveller Jake the journey is too long to go home in between so he will make his way ‘direct’ from Gothenburg to Cadiz by train. At the moment there are no trains between France and Spain because of flooding….

There will be further concerts in Spain in 2020, including the National Concert Hall in Madrid, where we’ll be premiering another new piece by legendary percussionist and composer Peter Erskine.

The Dowland Project

Very gratifying to see that the DP is rarely out of the classical charts in some form or another. There will be more concerts in Germany next year, and we hope there may be another recording (perhaps in collaboration with Alternative History). In the meantime I’ve updated the webpage.

Manfred Eicher and the Dowland Project

 Manfred Eicher & John Surman at St Gerold, Austria

 Milos Valent, JP, Jacob Heringman at Radovljca, Slovenia




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