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warmer notes from a singer’s greenhouse




On the work front, the news is all of writing. The Observer re-published part of a Guardian comment of mine about Covid revealing fissures that already existed in the music profession, and CUP have told us that A History of Singing is being translated into Polish. And I am actually writing (by which I mean I’ve nearly finished) my sort of sequel to Vocal Authority. I feel just like a real writer with a proper routine: write after breakfast, walk before lunch, re-write after lunch, stop for a drink once the sun is over the yard arm (or earlier obviously if there’s no sun). I’ve done this for weeks now. If I wasn’t writing about performing I might be forgetting how to do it.

Meanwhile, the weird weather outside is wreaking a certain amount of havoc outside, but in the greenhouse stuff silently rises inexorably. Here are the crystal apple cucumbers, climbing up the roof:

and we have giant aubergines and peppers…

and tomatoes (that’s a giant Padron pepper in front)…

But best of all so far are these, the fruit of the first bucket:

The outside tomatoes behind are a bit ragged but still reaching for the sky and hoping for sun…


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