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Reincarnations in Leipzig

On April 25th David James, Jacob Heringman and I will be doing a new programme in Leipzig for Amarcord’s Acappella Festival. David and I have known Amarcord since pre-Festival days when they came to the Hilliard Summer School in Cambridge and we have both taken part in Festivals since, David with the Hilliards and me with Being Dufay. It’s an amazing festival and it’ll be a real treat to go back.

We’ve done similar programmes in Portugal and the UK but as a  tribute to the Amarcord/Hilliard connection this one will be our first specifically focused on Hilliard repertoire. One of the things I’ve done since leaving the group a couple of decades ago is working with lutenists Jacob Heringman and Ariel Abramovich and soprano Anna Maria Friman (also a Cambridge alumna) on a more historical approach to what we think of as the renaissance acappella repertoire. Our Alternative History ensemble has just returned from concerts in Spain and the Canary Islands where we performed Josquin as he was most often performed in the 16th century – intabulated for voices and vihuelas. The Leipzig programme with David and Jake will work on similar principles, with the missing voices intabulated by Jake who plays all the other parts. There will be some Josquin mass movements both with and without voices, motets by Josquin and Petrus de Grudencz, and a Brumel Agnus Dei that we last performed beneath Jan Garbarek’s saxophone. It will be acappella, but not as we know it …

Trio Cottaging

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