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:: Ensembles



Most of my performing work is in the context of ensembles of one sort or another. The Dowland Project, Red Byrd and the duos I have with Ariel Abramovich and Ambrose Field have dedicated pages on this site, and I also sing from time to time with the Gavin Bryars Ensemble, the Anglo-German vocal ensemble The Sound and the Fury, the Ciconia Ensemble and various other ad hoc combinations of musicians who get together for specific projects.




The latest of these is an ensemble of two vihuelas (a sort of renaissance guitar) with which I explore 15/16th century Franco-Flemish polyphony. The players are Ariel Abramovich, Lee Santana and Jacob Heringman, and we will occasionally be joined by Swedish soprano Anna Maria Friman. There are details of our first two recordings on the Lutesongs page, and we shall be doing gigs in various permutations (ranging from one singer and one player to two of each, depending on the programme) from the autumn onwards. This ensemble has recorded an album of Josquin and Victoria for ECM, for future release.


:: Jan Walters ::

jan walters

For some years now I've worked with the American harpist Jan Walters, mostly on 17th century and modern programmes. We've recently started to focus on the medieval repertoire, and are doing programmes of Minnlieder, troubadour and trouvere songs. There are videos by Michael Lynch of Jan playing a piece from the Cantigas de Santa Maria here



We have a song by Bernhard de Ventadorn here:


Thanks to Mick, and to Ambrose Field (sound) - and to St Denys' Church in York.



:: Ciconia Ensemble ::




The Ciconia Ensemble is dedicated to the music of the late 14th/early 15th centuries, especially the Ars Subtilior, that uniquely difficult and wonderful music that flourished briefly in France and northern Italy. The group consists of Anna Maria Friman (soprano), John Potter (tenor), Susanna Pell and Jacob Heringman (lutes & vielles) and made its debut in York in 2006. Programmes have included music by many rarely-heard composers, and also Machaut and Ciconia himself. The group is currently preparing programmes for the 600th anniversary of Ciconia's death in 2012

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:: Gavin Bryars Ensemble ::


Live at Punkt

Live at Punkt (GB Records BCGBCD15)
Incipit Vita Nova (ECM New Series 1533 445 351-2)
Gavin Bryars Cadman Requiem (Point 462 511-2)
Lockerbie Memorial Concert (GB Records BCGBCD03)


John Potter has worked with Gavin Bryars since the Hilliard Ensemble began its association with him with the commissioning of Glorious Hill in the late 80s. The Cadman Requiem and the first two Books of madrigals followed (the second being a joint project with Trio Mediaeval and the three Hilliard tenors). After John left the Hilliards Red Byrd commissioned the Third Book of Madrigals for three voices and lute. John joined the Gavin Bryars Ensemble in 2004 and together with Anna Maria Friman has probably premiered more of Bryars' vocal work than any other singer. Bryars' most recent vocal works have included the Opera North/Royal Shakespeare Sonnets project entitled Nothing Like the Sun (performed most recently at London's Purcell Room), several new Laude and a set of songs to poems by Blake Morrison. The Gavin Bryars Ensemble performs the composer's music all over the world. More info is available at


You can hear an excerpt from Lauda 27: L'alto prence archangelo with Arve Henriksen (trumpet), James Woodrow (electric guitar), Morgan Goff (viola) and Gavin Bryars (bass) here:


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